MOVUTV  Support Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Bluetooth, 8 Gigabytes Internal Storage, 4x USB Ports, Coaxial SPDIF, 1 GB DDR 3 RAM, WiFi, 10 / 100 Ethernet Port-HDMI v1.4 Video, Expandable SD Storage up to 32 Gigabytes, Automatic Over the Air Daily Updates. Watch 1000s of Free Live Television Channels from around the world with MOVUTV, your next generation Android Set To Box with automatic daily over the air updates featuring the following Android applications: Entertainment, Education, Business, Sports, Finance, Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Personalization, Books and Reference, Media and Video, Live Wallpapers, Productivity, Shopping, Social, Tools, Medical, Games, Music and Audio, News and Magazines, Communication, Libraries and Demos, Weather, Widgets, Transportation, Travel, Comics, Browser, Cards and Casino. Stressed over late movie rental return charges and not enough time to watch what you just paid for and have to return it ......? Never again with MOVUTV. Watch what you want and when you want at your convenience and comfort zone hassle free. Catch up on favourite Movies, TV Shows, Video on Demand, Newspapers and Magazines. Check out our breathtaking list of live TV channels above. Stop waiting for hours for a movie to download with your fancy gadget when you should be watching. Play 1000s of latest Android games, while on it catch up on your golf or music lessons from professionals simultaneously. With MOVUTV, the possibilities are endless and always free of charge. MOVUTV comes preloaded with 1000s of Android applications with over the air automatic daily updates as they become available subscription free. Why settle for less? MOVUTV features an amazing superior processor that supports native hardware acceleration making it the Ultimate Media Center solution available today with 1000s of Android applications at your convenience. MOVUTV is not just your ultimate home entertainment center. Are you tired of high tuition cost? Do you want to attain higher education but short of funds or time? Now you can. MOVUTV is your dream come true in FREE higher education taught by top instructors and world class industry experts. Take free courses in Mathematics, Business, Design, Computer Science, Sales, Science and Music from beginner to advanced level at your own speed to challenging real world projects built by technology leaders like Google, AT&T and Intuit. Stretch your imagination and learn new and relevant skills for free. Read 1000s of books and listen to radio stations and music from around the world for free. Research your next project, improve your finances and networth. Topics such as Wealth, Science, Investment Strategies, Weight Loss, Next vacation spot, Favorite Wines and Global warming is just a channel away. Join the MOVUTV revolution and experience the latest technological breakthrough. MOVUTV is a full-fledged ARM mini computer running complete Android 4.0.4 Operating System that makes it extremely versatile and open. You can Install and run an overwhelming number of Android applications instantaneously. MOVUTV processor delivers exceptional capabilities for less power than most high performance platforms. MOVUTV is easy to install in minutes and user friendly which makes it a must for everyone. Watch and learn Money Control, Indices, Market Movers, Commodities and Currencies from major financial stock markets around the world or track your investment free of charge at your leisure and build wealth. Find out the latest exercise, weight loss programs and diet that works from experts around the world. Eat healthy and learn different recipes and sharpen your cooking skills for a better life. MOVUTV is slim, portable and transportable, without boring cables, satellite dish or holes on the wall. MOVUTV is the best combo for home entertainment and Set To Box all in one device with no holds barred from Wall Street to your Street MOVUTV is the best value for your money.